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NC Bound Jerky

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I have 3 kids on base at FT BRAGG NC. My one son called and asked if i could make some jerky and bring down next week on our way to NOLA.


Sure i can


Got 5.18 lbs of London Broil cut in half.




Dont feel like knife slicing today so i got the jerky slicer out.




Got my hillbilly mix ready.




In the Reveo for 20 min marinade spin.




In the smoker @150 for 1.5 hrs to dry up some then PID to 160 with some hickory smoke.


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Nice start on the jerkey nepas. Im about an hr away from bragg........... how about another batch for me........biggrin.gif       Nice toys you have there and enjoy your visit to NC...........

post #3 of 6 the london broil for jerky making. Hope you making it nice and spicy for them. They paratroopers?? Give them my best regards and thank them for their service. Back in the day (read young & stupid) I was with the 101st at Ft. Campbell.....woulda killed for some good Ditto on the above got some NICE toys

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Yes that is some fine looking jerky that you have started for your kids. Now I try to keep our son (army) in the latest smoked goodies too.

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82nd AA PIR and 7th Group SF X2

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Ya think i should know this by now (keep an eye on your smokes)


Kinda got away from me cuz i got busy with something else.


Taste good still. The Army son will eat anything anyways.  Just kinda to done for me.



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