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Beef Ribs and Corned Beef w/ Qview

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I have never had BBQ Beef Ribs (only braised short ribs) so I did not know what to expect.  The stores in my area don't carry full slabs of beef ribs very often so I had to give them a try.  I coated the ribs in EVOO, salt, pepper, and garlic powder.  Smoked at 225 - 250 for about 5.5 hours with Hickory.  I thought they came out pretty good but with less meat then I would have liked.  I will make them again if available but I prefer pork ribs.  I also had a corned beef.  It took all day but was also good; I cooked this to an internal temperature of 195.  When I make a corned beef again I will soak it as this was a little salty for my tastes.  I should have put the corned beef below the ribs as the ribs picked up too much corned beef fat.  Live and learn. 






094.JPG096.JPG099.JPG001.JPG005.JPG006.JPG012.JPG015.JPG011 (2).JPG

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They both look great! If you don't think your ribs had much meat on them you should see the beef ribs around here. One bite & your done.

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WOW that Q looks great nice job bet it was tastyicon14.gif

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Both look great!! I love beef ribs,guess i'm lucky to have a good buddy who raises beef!!! I can get whatever i want whenever i need it some good cow!!

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All looks great!


I like Beef ribs even better than pork ribs.

If you get another chance on Beef Ribs, try a 3-2-1 on them, at about 225˚/230˚.

You could also replace the EVOO with Worcestershire Sauce (New thick type).


Just suggestions.



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Now I dont know what you are talking about those ribs look mighty meaty to me. The ones that I have bought that looked like those finished with far less meat then yours did. Now I go to resturant depot and buy the beef short ribs and they have long bones. Nw those are what we call Dino Bones.


Now this is what we get fr beef ribs that looked like yours and then

Theses are the dino bones below


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Great looking ribs and corned beef...i need to make a trip to the local butcher and see if he stocks beef ribs...they look like my kind of meal.icon14.gif

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Cows have Ribs...WTF !!!!!!   LOL....Never tried beef ribs...You did a real nice job on that cow !!!!!!

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