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Sunday Butt Smoke

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Picked up these butts at Sam's, rubbed with "Jeff's Rub" wraped with plastic wrap in the frig overnight.



into Brinkman gas smoker at 7am temp was 225 deg. used a mix of apple and maplefor the TBS, nice day slight breeze so temps remained stable all day foiled at 160  removed at 205 wraapped in towels placed in cooler to rest about an hour



foiling softened the bark some but enough left to keep the wife happy next time might leave one unfoiled to try the result the good part we get to eat our mistakes. I made up a batch of "Jeff's Sauce" to go with this pork I reccomend Jeff's rub and sauce.



Thanks for loking, Alan

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Looks great nice job

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Looks-Great.gifSome good looking grub.


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Great job Alan, the PP looks delicious!

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Nice PP!!!!

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Very nice Job there Alan. Now PP is one of the most smoked meats in this whole country I would have to say. But done right is the SMF way.

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Awesome looking butt & pulled pork you got there, Alan!


Nice Job!!!




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Fantastic looking butts there Alan...I sure could go for a huge pulled pork sammy from that great looking pan of pork.drool.gif

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Nice job on that Butt !!!!

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