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This is why we teach cooking to 4H kids

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This is a perfect example of why we love teaching our 4H kids.


I received this email tonite after my tirade on the parent who drove into my planter


Mr. Simmons,
I am so sorry to hear that. It sounded like a hassle. My mom always parks on the street curb away from your house. I hope whoever did it comes to their senses and tells you the truth.
I was going to email you with good news. I made the chicken divan crepes for dinner on Saturday. They were a huge hit! I used zucchini instead of asparagus (because that's what we had in the fridge), and they turned out so yummy. I cooked the crepes in a huge pan so they were like tortilla size and everyone stuffed theirs full! So thank you for the class and sorry bout the sprinkler/planter.
Thank you immensely,
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Gary, that makes the effort of teaching the class to kids worthy of your time. That kid is pointed in the right direction, so you must have made a good and lasting impressing. It's all good my friend.

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way cool gary!

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Way to pay it forward my friend! That is a kid well on their way to a future of success and self confidence. super.gif

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Thats great!!! Sounds like the kids are learning alot....and seem to have better manners than the parents!!!

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th_What_NO_QVIEW.gif Sorry, just had to toss that in! Nice job!

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Not to worry my friend - I will be posting the class pictures in the next day or two - just need to get them downloaded from the camera.

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We are raising a generation of hunchbacks stooped over their dam cell phones.  You have a "real" young'n there.  Whether it is 4-H, FFA, or the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, lets get behind these young kids that are worth saving!


Thanks for all you do!


Good luck and good smoking!

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