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pork loin

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was wondering if i there are any suggestions on 8 lb loin want to smopke it lotsa fat on the outside. Smoked all kinds of thing electric smoker and was thinking dry rub after a 72 hour marinate am i out to lunch lol or can this work?-thanks ken

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Hey Ken,


I'm not sure what 3 days marinating will do to/for the loins, as a true marinade is slighty acidic (low PH), but up to a 12-hr should bo fine. You could also use a brine (salt-water & spice solution) if you needed to hold it for a longer period until you were able to smoke it up. I smoke 'em @ 225-250* and take 'em to 156-157* internal and rest. Carry-over will take them to 160* for med/well (still slightly pink inside) which is very juicy and tender.


Also, I like to score the fat cap with a knife in a cross-hatch fashion before applying dry rub and lay fat-cap up for self basting, and they come out looking something like this (indirect cooked on weber kettle):



Another favorite way is to drape thin sliced bacon over the entire top and sides to look something like this (low & slow smoked):



BTW, welcome to SMF!


Have fun, and great smokes!



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Tend to agree with the over marinating. Overnight would be just fine. Only difference is I pull them at 150º, then wrap in foil for an hour or so. 


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Same as above only I tend to pull them at 145. They will drift up a few degrees while resting.

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well that is awesome thanks for the advise, will pull them at 145ish lol and let stand love the idea of not over marinating (time isnt an issue just wast sure the length) wasn't sure solid thanks again will post pics when finished one witnh bacon one without


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Try some Mojo Crillio if you can find it. Great on Pork and I like it even more on beef.


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lurk.gifGood luck and remember to send pix with it.


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This place rules!!  Thanks for the tips.. I'm getting ready to smoke one today..  I'll probably pull around 150 or so.. About how long typically at 225*? 

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That is just it it is about the TEMP more than the TIME. Good luck and I am in the learning arena and mine turned out very well when pulled at the temp.usa.gif


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I agree.. Just trying to gauge on when to start it..

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Originally Posted by stix818 View Post

I agree.. Just trying to gauge on when to start it..

 That is hard to gauge as it depends on the thickness of your loin.

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