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1ST pork loin and country style ribs

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Did my first pork loin today turned out really good.Second try at country style ribs turned out perfect.I rubbed the loin in emans rub recipe.Did the ribs in Jeff's rub.Set the smoker on 180 for 2 hrs then bumped it up to 225.Smoked loin till internal temp of 155 then foiled and let it rest.Did the ribs on a 4 hr smoke then foiled with a apple bourban mix for 3 hrs.Set smoker at 180 then mopped ribs with Jeff's BBQ sauce recipe verry good.Smoked 1 more hour fall right off the bone.IMG_0225.JPGIMG_0228.JPGIMG_0229.JPG

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Both look very good!!!!Nice job!

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Man that Q looks really good nice job.icon14.gif

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That loin looks nice & juicy
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Good looking smoke

Hope it tasted as good as it looks

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Love those country style ribs smoked!  One of our family favorites!!!  Nice job!

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Nice Job, Looks Great...

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Great job David! Everything looks delicious!

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Great Job!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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