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I hope it is big enough so you dont have to do more work. I have used several calculators for pit design and they all say your is too small. Please let us know how it works when you burn it. Might save me from buying so much steel. 

I cooked a brisket in the 500 Sunday and once up to temp she stayed there for a long time. She held 250 forever then when she dipped to 225 I add a hunk of wood and back up to 250. I am very impressed with how long she holds and how little I have to mess with the fire box. Now I have time todo other things and not worry about the temp and fire.     

I did open up the cook chamber opening and also the firebox air inlet and it helped out with the ash problem.


Also I finished the 120 gallon smoker on the cart and did another burn out in it. Now I am ready for Saturday's cook for about 600 people.......




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AWESOME!!!   thumb1.gif

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Great looking smokers, and beautiful tasty looking Brisket !!!


You Are Ready !!!


Thanks for the views !!



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I finished the 120 gallon smoker.

Had to cut the firebox off as I just did not like it as it was so I fixed it and remounted it.

Also mounted the hatchet as a handle. I am still in need of 2 hatchets for my 500 gallon smoker as I just can't find wood handled hatchets just metal ones so if you have one or two laying around and would give them up for the cause- drop me a line as I could use them.


Had to rustle up some ribs on the maiden voyage....


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very nice work looks great...and some awsome looking Q also




you might check some old pawn shop for some axes!

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Nice. Love the hatchet.

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Hi. This is a really cool smoker you have and the i was looking at your exhaust tube and i thought it was to be extended past the top rack and 4 inches above the bottom rack? Im just curious. It looks like it smokes great!
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This one goes down to the top rack but not past it. Smokes product very well.

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Great build!  I was wondering what you used for grates.  It appears to be some sort of fencing.  I don't think I have seen it used before, but I like it.  How does it hold up to the weight of he meat?

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Looks great.


I always love the axe handles.....


Great question on the grates Jabbo...... I was wondering the same myself...



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What a great idea for a handle - LOL

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