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Pics of the insides after the seasoning.  Added a few planks of oak on top of the coals and let her eat wide open.  The upper gauge hit 675 and held for a while.  The firebox paint turned dull, so it'll get touched up afterwards, then another test burn with a water pan. 




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It does look great !

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Looks-Great.gif  can't wait to see it in action.

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Thanks to all for the encouragement and kind words!  This has been a fun build.  I hope to try it out this weekend with some ribs or a shoulder, and follow-up with some QView and a report.


Thanks again; hopefully my build will help someone else.



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Well, I got outvoted; the family decided on brisket. (I guess because we had ribs a couple weeks ago)   


So, I've got about 12 lbs of meat getting ready for tomorrow.  One to slice, one to pull.  Going to get this all wrapped up and in the fridge.  Should give the new smoker a great test-run.





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I just finished a build of the same type, but used an old box type smoker and a barrel as the heat chamber and used an old propane fryer burner and stand cut down and a ceramic wok and lava rocks as a wood stand atop the burner with bricks to get it to set off the burner. I did ribs and did great. I am bout to do 15 lbs of smoked sausage and 4 lbs tasso ham. I can run a wide range of temps just worried about the gas drying my meat. Yours looks nice, cleaner than mine btw. I love the latches looks clean.

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Looks Great! I'm putting those latches on my shopping list.
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I don't suppose you ended up figuring out how to seal the doors?

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I ended up using wood-stove gaskets. Locks it down tightly, and they've stayed in place perfectly. Made a huge difference in controlling the temps on windy days.

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Nice build. Also did a similar one to this. the doors for me are only as big as to change the water pan, meat is loaded from the top, the lid for the top is easily removed and the smoke goes out more easily and doesnt stay in the chamber for too long. I had problems when the fat dripped off the gathering pan and started burning, it mad emy meat black ( no off-taste tho). any suggestions how to solve this? or just get a bigger drip pan?

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Wow what an inspiration it has been. The post from pdcone and the post from hexlobular on the vertical drum with firebox are awesome ideas. Thanks for sharing. Have you been active or made any changes to the smoker lately.
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