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No Smoke!!!!

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I just bought a MES 40'' from Sams club and done everything the manual says. So today I'm doin my first smoke and its not producing hardley any smoke at all. Its very windy is that part of the problem or am I doin something wrong?

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Not sure since I have never used one of those, but I seem to recall seeing a thread where a lot of people were ordering a retro-fit kit fom the manufacturer to solve that issue. Hopefully one of the MES owners will be able to fill in the details for you.

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The infamous "lack of smoke issue"..look thru the forum and you'll find loads of info on it.Try  and . Or can save yourself alot of aggravasion and get an AMZN.

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I have never used a MES but there are a ton of users on here. One  thing to remember is you don't want/need a lot of smoke. You don't want thick white smoke rolling out of the smoker. You want just a light amount of thin blue smoke. If you can smell the smoke you are smoking. If you have thick white smoke you will get creosote and your meat will taste bad and bitter. Just something to keep in mind when  you say you aren't getting any smoke.

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What do the chips look like in your chip pan? Are they ash or just a bit charred? If your chips are not burning to ash you need to get your chip drawer closer to the heat element. A quarter inch gap between the element and pan works the best for me. Good luck with tweaking your MES and before you know it your going to be making great smoked food.

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Do you smell the smoke? Often you may not see it if it is windy, but you will smell it
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Some of them are burnt but most of them arent burning at all. If I put around 10 chips in it will smoke a little bit but thats all.

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Originally Posted by bulldog504 View Post

I just bought a MES 40'' from Sams club and done everything the manual says. So today I'm doin my first smoke and its not producing hardley any smoke at all. Its very windy is that part of the problem or am I doin something wrong?

Sounds like the old Retro kit is needed!


Here is a video that shows what it's all about & how easy it is to change over:


It depends on the model.

When I got my new MES, it wouldn't start smoking until it got to about 190˚, with the element on the whole time.

I knew this wasn't right, because I had my old MES, and it worked great!

Once I put the retro in, I turned it on at about 40˚ ambient temp, and it was smoking before it got to 60˚ in the smoker (about 2 or 3 minutes).




On edit:  I forgot to mention---An AMNS is what you need to have carefree smokes, but you should still have an MES that works properly, so while you wait those 3 or 4 days for your retro kit, you could also order an AMNS. Just a suggestion---Not an order.  biggrin.gif

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Buy your self a AMNS, then there's no chip issues!!!!  icon_mrgreen.gif

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Yup as another watt burner I agree, the AMNS is the only way to go.

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"Ninja Smoke" is very hard to see, but if you can smell smoke, it's there, doing it's magic


Depending on where you're at, the box heats up quickly and then the element turns off, leaving you with no ignition source for your chips.  You can order the retro kit and see if that helps, or remove the heat shield between the heating element and the chip pan first.  The retro kit does not have this heat shield.


The last thing you want to do is throw in a ton of chips and have ugly billowing smoke.....Bad Smoke!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Originally Posted by meateater View Post



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I just put the retro kit in my MES40 last Friday.  I did a pork butt on Sunday and did get better smoke with the kit installed.  You might PM Darryl, the MES rep, and ask about the retro kit.  He has always been more than willing to take great care of his customers..  good luck



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I have had my MES40 for about a month now. I love it and it will work very well. I called Masterbuilt and the lady that answered the phone was very helpful. I told her I saw they had a retro kit and would like to get one. She asked me for my address and in 3 days it was at my house. I now just put the chunk wood in the bin and do not rotate it it works very well like that. I do rotate it to dump the ash out and put more chunks of wood in. Also I dont put my chunk wood in water for soak. Use them dry. Good luck and you should be getting some great grub on your smoker.


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Thanks to everyone for all the help! I ordered the amzn today cant wait till i can try it out.

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