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It's been a long while

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Hello to everyone, It's been a long time but I actually have the day off and figured I'd check in. Hope everyone is well and keeping the smoke out of thier eyes ..



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Been doing any smoking?

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When I smoke meat I smell more like smoke than the meat

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Originally Posted by Roller View Post

When I smoke meat I smell more like smoke than the meat

Don't we all!!

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Welcome back Joe. Good to see you here again

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Welcome Back Joe...

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HEY Joe!  Good to see you back on here!  I think you'll notice it's grown quite a bit! Hope to see you posting some of your smokes again!

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Welcome Back

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Well I guess your familiar with the site soo lets see some qview

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1st lets me respond to Ross "Have I smoked any meat lately"  Well, I own a BBQ Restaurant here and smoke over 35 tons of meat a year .. so you could say I smoke some .. Over 300lbs of brisket a week and the same in Pork Butts .. Not to mension the smoked chicken ... We make our own andouille sausage as well as 6 to 7 sauses a week.. I agree with Roller ... I smell smokey every day .. Thanks for the welcome back everyone .. What can I say but "SHELLBELLC" It's been too long .. You are the "Super Moderator" way cool. We have live Blues 7 nights a week ... got our full liquor License .. Umm going into our 5th year soon ... Just that you folks know if you don't already know .. Pork/beef prices are rising like crazy and will continue to do so untill the fall .  I like the new look here ... will take some time getting use too .. We lost our webpage it was hacked so we are using facebook .... Smoken Joe's Barbeque and Blues ...


Thanks Everyone for the warm welcome back ... Peace Love and Barbeque A "Marcia Ball" Song



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Well welcome back and glad to hear your doing well in this economy!  

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Thanks Meat Eater ... we are holding our own .... It's been the tought 4 years .. but, eing somewhat creative helps ...



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If anyone is interested, his restaurant is in Brighton, Massachusetts (close suburb of Boston), 351 Washington Street.

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Hello good to see ya back


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Wow Retread .. You nailed it .. impressive to say the least .. Good to see everyone is doing well and having fun .. If anyone is interested I do have some photos on our facebook page ... "Smoken Joe's BBQ and Blues"


Ciao for now,



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I followed the whole thread of your build and  my bride and I came down and ate there (reasonable drive down from Methuen).  It was an afternoon, so no performance but good food.

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