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N. FL Gathering Video feed.

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Thread Starter or go to and search for SMF N.FL Gathering. 





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KOOOOL Brian , thanks for the link!

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What no audio? 

LOL,cool just the same


EDIT 8:28 .......we have audio thumb1.gif

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Wow now that is a Feast fit for a King...thanks for the link.


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wish I was there

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Hey 2 of my ticket #'s were called and I got nothing????

Looks like a great time and I really wish I was there

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It was a great time. I cut the feed off because people are heading out to the bon fire to tell lies stories. We had 4 A-Maze-N-Smokers donated to give away. Eman brought a bunch of stuff to give away. And last but not least Beer-B-Q sent a ton to give away. Thanks for all the stuff guys. Also I want to thank Jeff for Sponsoring the event this year.

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Glad everyone is having a good time...

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Awesome! Wish I was there!

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