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Jeff's Sauce

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has anyone on here made Jeff's sauce with chili sauce instead of katsup? I think it may give a good flavor, but want to know if anyone has tried it and what the end taste was


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I have never made jeffs sauce. But YOU can be the first to try it and let us know how it is.

I don't know how jeffs recipe is listed, but you can allways cut every thing down to just make a very small batch. so you can taste it  and see how good it is.

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That's the beauty of Jeff's sauce, It is great just like he designed it, but I think everyone tweeks it to their own taste. Let us know how you like it with chili sauce.

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Like Bob and Al said, a recipe is a starting point. Take the recipe and make it your own.

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Yes please let us know what you did and how it turned out.


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