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Pistachios And Pnuts

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Doing 3 racks this morning for my 2 night teip to Meadow Creek BBQ in Lancaster County.


2 racks of pistachios.


Blazin crab/crawfish boil coated pistachios.






CT/Soileau's coated.








CT/Gunpowder coated pnuts.






In the 6 rack with 2 pucks of hickory.


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Man those look mighty tasty. I love that Carolina Treet sauce.

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With snacks like that, I wouldn;t need a game to watch. It's all good my friend.

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That sounds great nepas!!!

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Man they look good.. Nice jobicon14.gif

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Looks great. What temp did you do them at? Did you worry about the cheesecloth catching fire? Did the pistachios get good smoke in the shell?

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Hit the nuts with smoke and 225*


Cheese cloth got dark but not worried about fire. Took the smoke really good.

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Interesting stuff, nice and different post.

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I bet you cant eat just one.......... I ate 4lbs of pistachios at the event.....couldnt stop those addictive things... Bet they were great with the flavoring

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They look great I love those Pistachios they are my favorite nut...

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