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Whew 1st brisket under my belt (literally and figuratively).

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Well last Saturday went over to Smart & Final picked up an 11.45 lb choice brisket.  

Cut the cap down to about 1/4".  Rubbed it with yellow mustard, black pepper, kosher salt and granulated garlic.

Put it in the smoker at 2:00 with some mesquite chunks @ 225.  Kept an eye on things until about 1:00 a.m. when I went to bed.

Up at 7 and lo and behold the temp had dropped down to about 160.  Worked it back up to 225 and right around 3 p.m. it hit the 190 mark.  Took it out wrapped it in foil and towels put it in the cooler for about an hour.


Sliced it up with no effort at all.  The point actually just pulled away from the flat without needing a knife.


Throw in some pasta salad, potato salad and drinks of everyones choice and viola.  Had 1 itty bitty piece of the flat left (well sorta) didn't want to dirty a container so just goggled it down.  


Wife used the point Wednesday night to make some killer tacos and burritos.



IMAG0011.jpg              IMAG0012.jpg         IMAG0013.jpg  



IMAG0015.jpg              IMAG0019.jpg         IMAG0020.jpg






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Great job on your first try. Wish the photo's were a little bigger, but it looks delicious.

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Wasn't sure how large a file the pics can go to so I just set them on small side to be safe.  


They were all the family could say was OMG this is the best thing you have ever cooked.  Talk about a backhanded compliment.



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Looks like it turned  out great!

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Nice! Great looking Que!

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Looks great!!!....on to the next!!!

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Ah, on to the next.  Saturday, beef and pork ribs.  Let cha know how it turns out.grilling_smilie.gif


Thanks for all the compliments.

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Great Looking Brisket...

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Good looking grub ya got thereLooks-Great.gif


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