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Looking for some ideas on stuffed pork tenderloins

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My local market has Pork Tenderloins on sale and I am considering picking a couple up for the smoker. I have poored over several threads on them and have read several great recipes. Just wondering if any of you guys want to give me some other ideas.....I am looking to stuff these and wrap in bacon.


Thanks in advance for the great advise!

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Stuffing them  is always awesome but if they are on a really good sale you should buy extra and cure it and make canadian bacon. 


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I keep it simple, fresh spinach & provolone. Then wrap in a bacon weave. They get done pretty quick. A lot of the guys just put them on a grill instead of smoking them. If you decide to grill them, just throw some wood chips next to the coals & you will get a good smoky flavor.

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You must have some big tenderloins, ours are usually fairly small and just get rolled around on the grill for a bit. I never smoke Tenderloins.


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i did some stuffed tenderloins last weekend....i have pics on my thread of it.....


but, i like to do provolone of course, i usually have some cheese i have smoked on hand that i will pepperoni, basil(so good), and pork seems to go well with fruits and what not, so i always add pineapple, or maybe apples pieces....thats typical for me.....not sure how well it would go bein wrapped in bacon....but everything is better with bacon.

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I'm with Al! Nice simple & TASTY!!

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I've never stuffed a true pork stated above they can be on the small side and cook quick. At work I've stuffed pork loins though usually with dried fruit such as plums, raisins and apricots etc. The sweetness is a nice addition. I've also done them stuffed with a precooked sausage. I stick a large honing steel down the center of the loin and out the other end and then stuff both ends towards the middle. Awesome presentation when sliced

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I've stuffed a couple with apples and cranberries and rubbed with some brown sugar, cinnamon & nutmeg. Looks good when sliced and has a nice sweet taste.
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