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Little Q-Veiw

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Started up the smoker early this morning and put on a Flat Cut Brisket and 3 racks of Baby Backs. New smoker is doing great, here are the pics. Can't believe I did not take one of the ribs after we cut them, came out very nice. The pup really wanted a taste..005 (Large).JPG006 (Large).JPG007 (Large).JPG008 (Large).JPG012 (Large).JPG011 (Large).JPG009 (Large).JPG

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Looks real good!



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Man, those look tasty!! Give some to the pup!
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The pup got well fed. :) Ate some nice Brisket.

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Getting ready to do 2 briskets and 2 pulled pork for my youngest sons rehearsal dinner this Friday night. 

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Cool Smoker.


Food looks great

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Great job Flip! Ribs & brisket both look perfectly done, tender & juicy! Congrats!

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that look reallllly good.

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I like the smoker, and the meat came out pretty good too...
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Man that is some great looking Q your have there.. Nice job

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