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First Post, First Chuckie Request

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Hello all, I have been reading the forums for a few weeks but this is my first post. I'm doing my first attempt on a 3# chuckie this Thursday. Since I'm rather new on the topic I was wondering if I could get a few basic tips from you guys. Marinade/Rub basics, smoke temp ect. Thank you for any information and input in advance.

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Welcome to SMF -

The best help I can provide you is to learn the search bar is your friend


If you go to the top of the page and type Chuckie into the search bar this is what you get


Good luck with the first one and dont forget the qview

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Thank you for the advice, I actually found a thread where you posted to use a drip pan with broth. I'm and going to try this, a dipping sauce from the drippings sound amazing.

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Not sure which thread you saw but I also use Johnnies Au Jus concentrate after I defat the broth to add a little more depth.  Good luck with your smoke and don't forget the qview


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I usually rub chuckies with Plowboys Boine Bold or Simply Marvelous Cherry. Sometimes I make my own rub.

Throw it on the cooker @ 230* till the temp reaches 200ish AND the chuckie is probe tender. Then I foil it, wrap it in a towel and put it in a dry cooler to rest for at least an hour.




After that the sky is the limit -

pulled beef sandwiches



chuckie tacos




Have fun!!

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Remember there are 7 types of chucks, some pull better than the others.


Best to take them to atleast 210º to assure they will pull.

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  Thanks for the delicious pics Ellymae!

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Thank you for the welcomes and great pictures and advice. Everyone looks delicious.

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Good luck, LJ. Don't forget the Q-view!

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good luck with the chuckie can't wait to see the Qview..

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There are a lot of nice Chuckies on this forum.



Below is the only "Single Chuckie" I have. I usually do two Chuckies at a time.



This one is explained Step By Step:


I like to make it real easy for newbies, because I know how hard it was to get started, when I was a Newbie.




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Thank You, Pictures coming tomorrow!

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Well guys, the results are in and I am pleased overall for my first time.IMAG0031.jpg



Shredded it and turned it into....



Thanks for looking... and all the help. I did notice it was incredibly hard to keep my smoker (Chargriller Smokin Pro) up to 225 degrees. I have done some sealing to the SFB. Maybe I am just underestimating the amount of coal (lump) I need to use... Any thoughts?

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I could eat a couple of those sammies---real easily!!!




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Mmmmmmmmmm!!! Nice looking sammies!!drool.gif

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Oh yea! Looks delicious!!

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