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Surf & Turf.....It's what's for dinner! with Q-View

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We wanted something quick for dinner and since we haven’t had steak in a while we decided that was just the ticket. We picked up a couple of Porterhouse steaks at Winn Dixie. I prefer a steak to be about one inch thick but these ½ inch cuts was all they had.


While we were there we picked up a couple of 5 ounce Bohemian Lobster Tails. I’ve never grilled lobster before so this should be interesting.



We seasoned up the steaks with some Winn Dixie brand “Robust Steak Grilling Seasoning” that I had in the cabinet from a sale a few weeks ago.


After seasoning we let them sit out, to get the chill off of them while we prepared the grill and lobster tails.




We cut the belly membrane/shell from the lobster tails. My thinking was this would keep the thick/top shell intact and serve as a bowl for the meat. We had some left over garlic butter, via a local pizza joint, from dinner a few nights ago. We poured about 2 tablespoons of the garlic butter onto the belly-side of each of the lobster tails (directly on the meat and into the shell). We then set them aside and got the 22 1/2 inch Weber One Touch Gold Charcoal Kettle Grill ready.

We used my favorite “go-to” charcoal, Kingsford Mesquite. We filled up my Weber Rapidfire Chimney with charcoal and fired it off with a couple of sheets of rolled up newspaper. When the coals were ready we spread them out covering half of the grill grate. The steaks were placed on the hot grate for three minutes to sear.




The steaks were then turned over, again directly over the hot coals to sear the other side.




 At this time we also put some Worcestershire sauce on them. 





After three minutes the steaks were moved to the cool side of the grill (indirect heat). The lobster tails were placed on the grate, directly over the hot coals shell/back side down. The garlic butter caused a momentary flame flare up, but it did not hurt anything.




We covered with the grill lid with air intake and exhaust wide open. After five minutes we turned the lobster tails over (belly/meat side) down and put the lid back on for another five minutes.023.JPG

We then removed everything from the grill.




We paired them with a baked potato and dinner was served.

The steaks (because they were a thin cut) were done to a medium-well, just what the wife likes. I prefer medium but they were still very juicy and tasted delicious. The lobster tails were great. The shells had a little char to them but the meat was moist and sweet. I think I could cut the cooking time back to about four minutes each side instead of five. I will try that next time. Oh yea, there will be a next time this meal was GREAT! 







I hope you enjoyed the ride!





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Looks good Bro and just to think we were just out there. Sure did turn out nice YUMMMMM.Looks-Great.gif


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Looks awesome bravo.png    but my invitation must have gotten lost biggrin.gif

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Theres something in the air in florida...............Smoke!..........................Nice job

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Looking good man. Love me some grilled lobster  

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That all looks a gazillion times better than the bacon and eggs I had for dinner!  YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMM

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I have never indulged in steak and lobster - may have to! 

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Man O Man that grub Looks-Great.gifNice job

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Excellent job David! That's one great meal you put together! Congrats!

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niceeeeeeeeee.....9 bucks a tail, sweet price

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That looks very good


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Yummy...looks very good sir!
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I've only had lobster once in my life and after seeing that, I'm going to have to pick osme up.  Looks awesome!

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Looks real good from here!!!


And I agree with Willie---Good price for tails that nice!




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Originally Posted by Bearcarver View Post

Looks real good from here!!!


And I agree with Willie---Good price for tails that nice!




That is a pretty good price. It is about $.40/lb cheaper than what I see around here. I'm partial to South African lobster tails but that's expensive and can be hard to find (Wegmans carries them).
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Looks great nice job....

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Great looking meal. I had never grilled/smoked lobster before valentines day this year either but boy oh boy do I love it done that way. Great Job!

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Looks-Great.gifThanks for Q-view!

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looks great I love a good steak and that is a great looking steak.th_Slab_of_meat.gif

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