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15lb shoulder

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I'm going to do a 15lb shoulder, I've never done a biggun like that. Any tips on cook time and keeping it from drying out on a long smoke?

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is that a single piece of meat or 2 put together?  if its a single piece its from "hogzilla"  anyway, you can cut the shoulder down to an easier size to smoke if need be.

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If it's in cryovac i'd bet it's 2 butts to a pack.


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I agree---It's probably 2 shoulders in one pack.


If not I would cut it in 2 pieces.





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It's still froze, wife bought. I was thinking it had to be 2. Its cryo packed and looks seamless, so I'm hoping its 2.

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I'm betting it's 2 as well. The way they pack them they really look like one piece of meat.

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It has to be two, could you imagine the size of that thing it came from if it is just one...

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