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3 fatties

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pork chop, long grain and wild rice, onions, mushrooms and cheese




chicken cordon bleu




left over sprial cut ham with onions, mushrooms and cheese




all wrapped up and ready for the fridge for a few hours




smoked for 3 hours with apple and maple chips




whats left after dinner

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Nice job, they look great!

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man that looks good I cant wait to make some morethumb1.gif

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All 3 look awesome, which one did you like the best?

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it was a toss up between the cordon bleu and the pork chop and rice

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Great Job Redneck!


Those are Beauties!!!




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Those look incredible.  I bet they tasted even better

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Nice job! they all look great! cant go wrong w/ all that pig in the mix!

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love them fatties.................nice job!

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Man O Man them fatties looks great.. bet that was tasty.. Nice jobicon14.gif

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you can send some to me if you need a second opinion!

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Those fatties look great. Lord, thank you for another BBQ season!!!!! nice job redneck!!   icon14.gif

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All three look great, nice job...

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