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I finally got it

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this past week i made up my mind i was going to figure out the how-to's of smoking.  i had failed miserably with some pork steaks and almost got discouraged.  I have been used to putting charcoal in the grill and then just cooking meat not knowing that smoking meat is totally different.  I got some Royal oak lump charcoal and still use matchlight with itbut more RO than anything.  what a difference that lump charcoal makes.  Saturday we had church people coming over so i got three tenderloins.  I seasoned them with montreal chicken seasoning, french dressing and wrapped 5 or 6 pieces of bacon around them. i used apple and hickory chips to smoke them.  put them on the grill for about 2.5 hours and all i can say it was delicious.  all i have left is pictures on my blackberry to savor the memory.  You can look at it on my facebook page.  it was really really good and i could have never done it without your help.  Thanks and as soon as i learn how to post pictures on this site I will.



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Alright my friend! On our home page for SMF there is a link for the free e-course. You should check it out. I would post the link here, but I don't know how to do that? Next when you start a thread at the top there is a icon for attaching pics. You need to have the pics saved on a camera, computer, or phone & you can upload them straight into you post! Good luck!!
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Glad to hear things are shaping up!

FWIW, I thought your shoulder steaks sounded solid, I'm sory to hear they weren't satisfactory.


Definitely X2 on the e-course, also, when I became curious, I first followed Alton Brown's hints in the braizing/slow-roasting world, and found they translate to smoke really well.

Also, Meathead has some fun tips, too. - AB's recipes, transcripts, and help Meathead's got some solid advice for the BBQ tenderfoot.

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Congratulations. I'd get rid of the matchlight tho, you don't need it. Get yourself a chimney and just burn lump and wood. Smoke on.

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Ditto on the matchlight! Remember also:  th_nopicsye3.gif

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