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Gas Prices???

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How much do you pay per gallon?


Minneapolis, MN = $3.60/gallon

No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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LA / San Diego   $4.04 yesterday

Diesel $4.69

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$ 3.40 for regular unleaded at Sams this morning


Diesel is around $3.85 

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$3.67 for unleaded regular.

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$3.69 - Minot, ND

My gas tank goes from zero to $60 in under a minute!

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Had to gice $3.57/gal for Regular here in SE PA this morning. Went up a dime in the past week. (saying bad words in my head)

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We're past the 3.80's, for premium past the 3.90's, for the most part.  Paid 3.91 for premium @ Costco the other day (hubby's a gas snob when it comes to the SAAB).  I've paid 3.83 and 3.87 for regular lately. 

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$4.09 for Diesel in Oregon

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Paid $3.45 for regular today, and I know, I'm lucky.

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$4 for reg and $4.60 for Diesel 


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$3.40 gal reg.


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$3.79 this morning..... who knows how much it'll be by this evening!

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$3.65 today In Jacksonville Fla for regular


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$4 and more depending where you buy in Central CA.


Good luck and good smoking!

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Yep, it's obvious the left coast has the lead over fuel prices.  $3.89 for regular and 4.49 for diesel and heading higher.  Folks, it's not a fuel shortage!!!  It's day traders and futures speculators that are driving the market, all for the quick buck.  Don't you just feel privileged that you can help somebody else's wealth fund grow?

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I guess I'll chime in too, for the last four years we have been paying $5.81 per gallon for unleaded, but with the coup d'etat last Friday it's certain to go up.



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Hey Gene,


Is paradise big enough to do a lot of driven in?  Guess I better do a bit of research, don't hear a lot about your neck of the woods so I better read up on the change of government. 

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$3.80 for Diesel..........

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$3.44 yesterday.

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$1.28.6 per litre for regular unleaded. Works out to $4.89 per US gallon.

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