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14.5 hrs. later Brisket is awesome w/ Stoker review and Q-View

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Started this at 9:00 last night with lump in the wsm, had my stoker set  up and ready to go. It took about an hr. for the charcoal to settle down with temps running from 222 to 227 ( im not complaining) i stayed up most of the nite with it being the first time with the stoker ( ok ok i just wanted to watch...i cant sleep when somethings smokin anyway) about 10:00pm it started staying 224 to 226 and stayed that way until 7:30am it started falling 222 to 220, i checked the charcoal and added some and some more hickory took a nap, woke up at 11:00 had a internal temp of 185.6 so i did the probe test and it pulled and stuck back in very easily  sss  s .       so iwrapped in foil 3 times

so i wrapped in foil 3 times and a towell and put in cooler for 2 hrs. We were all amazed how juicy and tender this was, absolutly amazing thanks to all of you...and the stoker to me is well worth the money, i was amazed at how well it performed...i see now why Jeff said that he was really stoked about this im stoked!  ( sorry bout the pics being sideways i tried to edit but im late for a poker game...HELP with the pics please)



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Looks Nice and Juicy...


But now I have a kink in my neck, Rotate those pics...biggrin.gif

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wow looks nice!!  tasty I bet!!


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Awesome looking brisket! Great job!

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NIce looking brisket! Would love to have a chunk of that.

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looks good bet it tasted great

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Thanks to all, sorry again about the pics, i use a iphone, i think next time if i turn the phone sideways then they will be straight ( or upside down lol) i have turned them before but it wouldnt work this time, back to work tomorrow out of town. More q-view next weekend, gonna do my first rib roast i'll have the pics right next time, when i cut the brisket the juices poured out,we never had one like this beforebrisket6.JPG                   Hey I turned the pic,Yayyyyyyyahoo.gif

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Really awesome looking brisket. The juice is running out of my monitor!

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Definitely looks good from here. Nice job.

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Nice looking smoke.. makes me want to run out and get a  brisket


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