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Help me decide

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So I wake up this morning and Mrs Scar asks me what I want her to make with our sourdough starter

I need some help

Here are my choices


Sourdough Cinnamon Rasin Knot



Sourdough Smoked Chedder and Onion Rolls


Sourdough Chedder Onion Rolls.jpg


Or maybe some of Bassmans Cinnamon Rolls





Keiths cinnamon rolls.jpg


What do you think - I think I am going to ask for the last two. She will bake Sunday so I have time to decide

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I vote for the cinnamon rolls

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          All three!!!!

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jebus gary..........yer killin me!

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Scar, that's just mean to tease like that!  The bottom two, now I hope you plan to share.

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Hum... used to like you...


I vote for all three!

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And I just got finished feeding my sourdough babies!!  Personally, I vote for the Bassman Cinnamon Rolls.  I vaguely remember these being posted way back when (these days, if it's more than a week old, it's way back when).  Gotta get the recipes for all these goodies.

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The cheddar and onion rolls here please. I can think of some nice things to put inside 'em.

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I'm voting for all three! 

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cheddar and any pulled pork or brisket to put on them?

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Majority Rules...  ALL THREE!!!

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Originally Posted by Beer-B-Q View Post

Majority Rules...  ALL THREE!!!

I agree with all the guys in the majority-------ALL 3 !


No question about it!






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I'm with ya I'd have to ask for some of 2 and 3

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I'm slobberin' over those cinnamon rolls!!!



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Cheddar onion, but you gatt a have desert so your going to need some cinnamon rolls too.....
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Yes Please. 


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I certainly wouldn't turn down any of them, Gary.  I'll just sit back and see what you come up with.2thumbs.gif

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Do we get to taste before we decide?


Good luck and good smoking!

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what he sunday already!

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