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Cherry Smoked Chops

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I had some thick cut chops and ofcourse some yard-bird

so i seasoned them and smoked @ 235º-240º with cherry






The two in front had an apricot-apple glaze for the last 20mins of smokin'





all-n-all they weren't too bad, It was a nice way to end the work week, Watchin' TBS and eating some good food.

Thanks for checkin' out my chops!



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They sure look tender & juicy, bet they were tasty!

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They do look good, well done

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Looking good and tasty. Congrats on a great end of the week

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Nothing like ushering in the weekends.cheers.gifth_wsmsmile0ly.gif Nice lookin' chops!


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Looks good, man!

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Those are some great looking Chops, Nice Job...

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All looks real good from here, Rap !!!!




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They sure do look good thumb1%20copy.gif

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Lookin' good!!  cheers.gif

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Love those double thick pork chops drool.gif


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Wow those look good! I have yet to do pork chops & that makes me wanna get off my but & do it!! Great job thumb1.gif

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Man, Those Look Great!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I still need to try smoking some pork chops. Looking great!

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