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Pulled Pork smoke for a buddies party....

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Well a really good friend of mine got himself a new job, big step up after years of "getting" there.


So his Girl friend is throwing a party. My offering to the bash is going to be two butts, covered them in CYM and my basic rub last night and wrapped them up for a rest in the ice box, Fired the smoker up at 4:30 am , puled the buts out and sprinkled some rub on, put them in the MES at 5:15  AM @225 deg lit the A-maz-in filled with maple and cherry headed to work. Should be done just about perfect when i get out of work at 3:30 to 4:00.




More to follow!

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Sounds like you are off to a good start, sure hope you have the smoker outside of a building or someone there to watch it...

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The GF is home because of snow day, so she said she would keep it from burning up. But really with the MES never had any issues yet, have ran it unattended 5 or 6 times.

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Looks good so far. We will be waiting!

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Sorry for the long delay guys, I ended up sick all weekend and to boot the only picture I got of the finished product the flash was too bright and I could use it. was going to show a plate of the left overs but they ended up in the freezer.


I am back on the mend 5 days later so the next smoke will have twice the q view.

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Glad you're feeling better !!


More pics next time will make up for it just fine.


I must mention---I know a guy who had his whole MES door go up in flames, so it can happen with one of our awesome MES smokers.

It was not unattended, so he only needed a new MES door.





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I never leave my smoker (MES) unattended . unless its out on the concrete patio away from the house where if it goes flame on it will only ruin the meat and the smoker.

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