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Smoked GB Jerky

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Got a 5 lb batch of GB split into two batches of 2.5 lb. Going with a Bradley smoke and a MAK smoke.


Mix ready to put together.



All mixed up and ready to add into meat.




Using my LEM 5 lb stuffer with jerky attatchment to extrude.




On the racks, when done flip over and pull the wax paper off the jerky.





2.5 lbs in my MAK on smoke with hickory.




2.5 lbs in one of my Bradleys.




Be back later.

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yummy looks good

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Waiting patiently (not)

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Sorry gang, have been doing my honey do's for the Mrs.


Got the jerky cut this morning before the HD list wife.gif



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Looks great as always Nepas!

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What temp and how long did you dry the jerky?  Looks great!  Nice color to it!

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Originally Posted by BlueBombersfan View Post

What temp and how long did you dry the jerky?  Looks great!  Nice color to it!

Temp on my MAK was smoke setting 180* which made the side box temp around 160-170 for 3 hours


Bradley is PID controlled starting temp was 150 no smoke then 160 w/smoke 170 for 5 hours.


Both were dehydrater after the smoke at 150 for 3 hours to further dry.

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Nice !!!!!!

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Now that will get me back to eating jerky. Nothing like some good ole home style. I miss my dad! Nice job as always nepas!

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Some people dont understand how you can make jerky from ground meat....... I get a lot of people asking " how did you get it this way...."  I like the attachment nepas. didnt know they made something like that for the stuffer. Will have to get one... Nice looking jerky

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I like mine as well.  Being a bit of a cheap skate (actually using the money saved for other smoking items), I bought regular rolls of wax paper, the wide stuff you can virtually anywhere, cut the roll down to the same size as you show in your images, and saved a few bucks.  Works just as well.  Not as many linear feet to the roll, but hey, think of the money you'll save. 

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