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Looking for a gas unit, looking at this Master Forge

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My girlfriend was asking me what I wanted for my birthday in a few days. I really want a gas smoker. I don't want her to spend more than 150-200. I was looking at this one from Lowe's. Anyone have any experience with these? Or can you recommend something else better in the same price range that I could find at Wal-Mart, Lowe's, Home Depot, etc.? Thanks for any info.


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I recently got one of these 


It's actually the second one that I have bought I have one at home and now one for camp

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Thanks for the head's up. That one looks like what I want too. However, the one I found at Lowe's has about 100 more square inches of cooking area. I'd love to get the extra-wide big boy from Bass Pro Shops, but I don't know if she wants to spend that money. We shall see!

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I just ordered the BB from Landmann's. if you want the 3605BGD it is $299.00 including shipping. I looked all over the Dallas area and no one stocks it.if she will spend the $ 200.00. you kick in $100.00 and you are there.

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I have on of these. I bought some high temp caulk and sealed up some gaps in the seams. People recommend 3/8 inch rope gasket around the doors. I haven't done that yet. I've cooked ribs, chickens, beef ribs, chuck roasts, chicken wings, jerky and fish. I get temps in the 300s and do the jerky at about 150-170. I've had other smokers and am happy with the construction of this one and the price. For what it's worth I bought a big rubber door mat to put this on because they do leak some grease. I think the mat was $10.00. Only complaint ins the wood chip box. It is thin and I got flare-ups until I put a cast iron chip box inside the stock one. I got that box at home depot. It's about 10"x5". I got this for Christmas and use it fairly often and just ran out of my first tank of gas so it's fairly efficient.

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