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Pastrami part deux with a kick

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I have posted my Pastrami adventures here before and they have all come out fantastic. So you say "what ain't broke etc etc.


Brined another brisket this past week and have the flat portion in the fridge as we speak. I usually use equal parts of coriander and BP for the rub. This time I added some red pepper flakes to the coriander as I ground it. I grind the coriander and the BP separately since the BP is harder to grind. This way I get consistant chunks of both the coriander and the BP.


Smoking tomorrow. Will post some Pics and report on the added spice.


I also used a little different brine. Used a little more brown sugar and some honey. Brined it for a week.


Pastrami again.jpg

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looks great......... will be watching this one.........

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In the smoker this morning. Using Pecan.


Probably take 8 hours or so to get to 150 IT. Start smoker at around 140-150. Will raise temp to 180-200 for the last couple of hours in order to get to the IT.


Cool down to room temp then in the fridge overnight. I then usually cut in half before vacuum packing.


Will steam for 3 hours before serving.

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pepsi.gif   popcorn.gif

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After smoke. IT 150.


After smoke.jpg

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Now what?

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Rest and Refrigerate until tomorrow. Cut and vacuum pack. Steam 3 hours before serving. It will go in a second after that. Smokey, salty and fatty. What could be better.

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They are packed. One frozen and one for this weekend. Yummy!


Ready to go.jpg


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They look good. Nice color!

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Here we are ready to eat finally. Pastrami on rye tonight.

Steamed for 3 hours this afternoon on the gas grill in my little smoker/steamer box.


This is the lean small end of the flat. It is quite a bit leaner that others I have had but it is tender and tasty. Just a small kick from the chili pepper. Not really obvious but it is there.



Pastrami steamed.jpg

Pastrami sliced.jpg



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Great Looking Pastrami...

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All you need is some rye bread & spicy brown mustard. 

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