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So this was actually the weekend of the 19th but my sister took the wrong camera home. It was my brother in laws Birthday and he loves smoked food so me and my dad went all out. I only took pictures of the finished stuff because there was a lot of stuff. So please sit back and enjoy the show.



Are weapons of choice. UDS, Electric ECB and P.O.S Chargriller. Now i have to stop here and say that this is the second smoke on my uds and after the first i liked it. After this one i loved it. 16 hour smoke and could of went 20 without any problems and holes temp like a champ.



My dad a cousin hard at work. As you can see we where using RO. I was also tryin gout Stubbs in my UDS and I dont think ill use anything else ever again. So much easyer to load and works great with little ash.



So being the crazy nice person i am i woke up early and made a breakfast fatty. First one ive done and like everyone says supper easy.


And the moneyshot. I used maple flaviord bacon and sausage. Stuffed with eggs, hashbrowns, onions and green pepers.



Had some standard ABTs a few hours before the main course. Now im not kidding when i say we made 3 dozen of these and by the time i set them down and went one room over to get the camera this is what was left. People had 2/3 of them in there hands. We had a talk after that about the importance of pictures.



Witht he ABTs we also served some smoked cheese we made a few weeks ago. The one thing i did wrong was served the abts and then put out the cheese. It was hard to taste the smoke on them after the abts. From left to right we have Sharp chedder, moz and mild chedder.



Two 8lb butts. Standard brown sugar rub smoked with apple and pecan wood. After reading smokinAl's post on no foiled butts i gave it a try. Takes longer then foiling but well worth it. I wont foil again.



And the money shot of one of the butts.




Four chickens. Brined all four with tips brine. Added some oranges. Then two we put SM cherry rub and two are just SPOG. Then i made a glaze of rassberry, a little bbq and some OJ.



And here is the finished product. On the table from left to righ we have Mustard Potato Salad,German Potato salad, Dutches beans, Slaw, Smoked chicken, bear bread, pulled pork and a few ABTs. And of cours some of the family. Everything was home made except the mustard potato salad and the slaw which were picked up from a really good deli.


All and all a great day. Lots of smoked food and fun spending time with the family. Hope you enjoyed the picture.

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NIIICE!!  Nothing more fun than getting to fix good food with and for folks you love. Cheers!

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Very nice spread!!! Looks like a great time for all! Nice job!!!

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Great times.

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Looks like you all did a fine job and had plenty of great food to share.  Nice to have the whole gang for a meal

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Wow what a spread of food looks very good.thumb1.gif


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Now thats a GOOD day! .... and some great looking food. 2thumbs.gif

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Enuf food for a small army!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Nice Party,  Great Looking Food...

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Nothing like a couple of good ol' boys tending to some smokers................ Nice looking grub there...

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Great looking grub you have there looks real tasty.. Nice jobicon14.gif

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WOW Looks great I will let you know when my Birthday is coming up...LOL>>>

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Great job! Everything you put on the table looks delicious! Glad you tried and liked the no foil butt. I'm sure everyone appreciated your hard work!

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Originally Posted by TheBarbeQueen View Post

NIIICE!!  Nothing more fun than getting to fix good food with and for folks you love. Cheers!

Absolutely what it all about!


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