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Slicers ,Mixers, Etc

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I see post  from time to time for folks looking for slicers .. etc.

  check out  This is a resturant equipment auction house that seems to have most of their auctions in the north east.

 This am i found 3 different hobart slicers for auction.

Seems that these items sell for 1/4 - 1/3 of new value .

  They sell pretty much anything to do w/ resturants at different auctions.

The prices are great for someone close to that area.

The shipping is what will get you.

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Yup - I was on that site daily for a couple of months and bid a couple of them. Seems someone close by beat me by just enough to make it not work with the cost of shipping to CA

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OHoooooo I should have never found this thread

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Looks like a fun site. I'll try not to get too carried away.

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Here is another site in Kansas City that has lots of restaurant equipment.  I buy a lot of items from them, usually something out of each auction.  The auction ending April 4th has about a half dozen Slicers...

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You guys are killin me!

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