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ABT's with Leftover Sausage

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I was at the store Saturday morning and I saw some fresh Jals, picked out a half a dozen and some Bells for Mrs JPT, filled them with a mixture of cream cheese and my rub, I used some of the Kielbasa and the Buffalo sausage I made and covered them with bacon, the Kielbasa ones were good, but the Buffalo sausage was the undisputed winner, it went really well with the Jals, ...I'll be using it in my future ABT's.


cote d'angeau & ABT's 003.jpg


I cooked them in the WSM along with the side of lamb for the last two hours.


Thanks for looking at my Q-view.





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Those abt's look delicious even at 2:30 am. nice..................

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  We love abts!



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ABT's look great! I guess I need to try some different kinds of ABT's. I'm kind of stuck on cheese & bacon.

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Those look great Gene - BTW - I ordered the casings today

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Wow they look GREAT sausage.gif


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Greeat Looking ABTs Gene...

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Man them look great bet they were tasty.. Nice jobLooks-Great.gif

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Thank you all for the kind words, smoke on!



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Just found this one!!!


Looks great Gene!!!


I could handle a few of them real easy!!!!




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