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This one is for ME!

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...and my wife too.


So far all of the briskets that I have cooked have been for some kind of party, get together or special occasion. The smallest brisket I usually can find at WalMart is around 12 lbs. Last week while checking out the briskets there I found a 7.5 lb brisket that was beautiful. Nice and limp with a good fat cap on it. At 7 lbs there will be plenty for supper and some left overs for sammies later in the week. So in the smoker it goes tomorrow morning. Here it is all trimmed and rubbed up with my special rub, and ready for a nice rest in the fridge overnight.




More qview to follow tomorrow.


On a side note; I was in Harris Teeter a while back thinking that I might get one of their briskets, when I passed by the aisle where they keep charcoal and other BBQ supplies. Much to my surprise I saw that they had bags of wood chips. Of course they had hickory and mesquite, but I was shocked to see that they also had cherry and apple wood chips. It was a real surprise to find apple and cherry wood in a grocery store. The price was not bad either. A two lb bag was around $5.


I ended up not getting a brisket there mainly because Harris Teeter prices their flats only at $4.99/lb. If I am going to pay $20+ for brisket, it better have the point still attached.

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That's a nice little flat you got there.  It wouldn't last very  long around here.  When I do brisket, I like to get a couple of 15-17 pounders.  It's just my wife and I, but I sure do like leftover brisket, so do a lot at once and freeze in vacuum bags.  Loking forward to seeing your finished pics.


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Believe it or not that is a full packer at 7.5 lbs! That is the smallest full packer I have ever found.

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Looks good so far.  



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Originally Posted by 357Mag View Post

Believe it or not that is a full packer at 7.5 lbs! That is the smallest full packer I have ever found.

I'm with you, don't think I've seen one that small either.  Should be good if it came off a young beef.thumb1%20copy.gif


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8AM: The mini brisket is in the smoker. It is pouring down rain here and it is not my favorite time to do a smoke, but fortunately my patio, where my smoker is, is under the deck so I do have a little shelter from the rain. Once I get the temp stabilized I really won't need to be outside until it reaches 165 IT.


Wish me  luck.

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The smoke gods were kind to me today. Even though it was pouring rain, my temps stayed even and my wood smoldered long and slow. There was very little intervention on my part. I opened the smoker once to add more wood chips and that was it. No fiddling with the dampers or the gas valve. The smoker temp stayed at a pretty constant 230.


Pulled from the smoker at 170 and ready for the foil



It hit 200 right on time, right at 5PM. Sliced on the platter.



Plated and ready to eat. With some oven roasted potatoes and home made cole slaw.



Sorry the last picture is so poor. I was in the mood for eating, not photography.


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Looks beautiful. Now I'm hungry.

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Nice job on the brislky - looks great from here

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Nice job 357, I wish I'd been there to help you eat it.

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Looks great !

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Looks really good.drool.gif


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Man that is some great Q you have there.. Bet it was tasty nice jobicon14.gif

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You bet it was tasty. I had enough left over that I put some away to take to my 84 yo mother to enjoy and some for us to have as leftovers.

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