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Craigslist Slicer

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I don't usually do well on Craigslist, but was going through the ads for Denver and ran across this gem. It's a never used Chef's Choice (Cabela's) model 671 with the 11" blade and 1/3 hp motor. I can hardly hear it run. This model is on sale on Cabela's online for $419.95. I didn't even argue with the guy on this one for $275.00. There will be some great French dip sandwiches around here.


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Nice, nice, nice. I been looking for a deal like that. I have slicer programmed into my phones craiglist notification...... Hope I can find one like yours.



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Nice Score congrats on slicer icon14.gif

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Nice Score Keith...

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I found a Berkel at the same time for the same price but was afraid I couldn't pick it up.  This one weighs 43 pounds and it's all I want to handle.


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nice score!

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Congrats Keith looks like an awesome deal

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Gonna hafta start callin you Rose-------your comin out of this smellin like one! icon14.gif

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Sweet!  Nice big blade on it.  Need to make sure the blade goes well below the slicing area or else you wnt get a clean cut.  I found that out after buying mine.  It still works, but it could work better.


Nice score.

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Looks like it's time to fire up the smoker & get some sirloin tip on there. Gotta break that slicer in with some thin sliced roast beef!

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Nice!!  Comgrats!!



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Great Find!!!!  Am I ever jealous!  :)

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