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Yet another RF build

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2011-03-26_17-38-33_443.jpgLike most I've been lurking this site for a while. This weekend me and a friend that is helping me pulled the trigger on an RF trailer.

Trailer axle and parts bought today. Just need the metal for the trailer.




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Oh Ya!!!!! now comes the expensive part. Its really hard to believe how high the prices have gotten. What happened when a guy could build a nice smoker on a reasonable budget.


Looks like you got a plan going, thanks for sharing.

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Not any more. The price of 1/4 plate was 188.00 and 240 for the average joe off the street. I almost choked. This build is going to be in the neighborhood of about 1300. Even more if I want to add extras.



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i'm about 2k in my current build with a brand new 6'x12' trailer... building smokers are not cheap anymore

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I lucked out on mine, 


500 for the trailer

alot of the heavy steel free

angle and strap a couple hundred.

expanded sheet 100 bucks

probably another 500 to 800 to finish it with running water and holding tanks.


My build doesn't hurt as bad since I have been working on it for so long now. LOL


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That's a lot for expanded metal. I could almost get 3 sheets for 100 in southern, GA.

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When I first started building back around the 05, 06 era I was buying it for 18 to 20 bucks a sheet. 


The 50 a sheet is even at one of the scrap dealers. I was scared to price it at the big steel supply. 

Oh man, if ya really want to see high prices check out Metal By the Foot online. There is one not far from here and the only thing I buy there is the specialized stuff. They do have everything you could ever think of.


I thought about stainless expanded right up to the point where I heard the price. 

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I got the trailer built this weekend and the tank/firebox welded to it. Pics will come. We ran out of shielding gas so the last little bit was done with an arc to secure it to the trailer. There is still reinforcing to do but it's sitting in the right place. The more I get into it the more I want to put on it. There is quite a bit of plate left so I've decided to put two 6 inch round burners near the front for other cooking and a small bar sink.

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Looking good so far.. Wish I could build one.. No where to store it!
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Looks good so far. Love watching these builds. gonna start two patio size for some friends in a couple of weeks.

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Well the way I see it, there may be just enough room to place a small teekee bar up front there. LOL it could go hand in hand with the sink you are gonna use.


Nice work. I like it.

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new pics. I'll get more tomorrow. Right now it's a little late.



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Awesome work. Keep us posted!

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Lookin good, its coming right along.

It may be the pic, but the firebox is looking real close to the floor. Have you given and thought to putting them little wheelie wheels back there like some of the rv campers have? Or even just a strip 1/2 plate right on the back edge to act as a skid plate, ya know, just incase it does drag it wont mess up the door.
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Tom.....it's the pic. I have the tongue jacked up for other reasons. I will have to watch it while driving on some inclines but if it hits, it shouldn't mess up the door. I'll probably end up getting a lower ball mount just for the smoker.

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Still lots more to go.

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Cool deal, the trailer is looking really nice.
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These are the latest pics. Got the firebox dampers, temp gauges, and fire box grate finished. I couldn't stand it so I did a test smoke with nothing in it and thought i got it all wrong. I brought the temp up to about 275 and there was a 25 degree split. A million things were going through my head at that point. The biggest mistake I though I made was using 3/16 plate for the reverse flow and not 1/4. When I started closing the dampers and bringing the temp down to about 225 the truth revealed itself. Both ends settled out with a 5-7 degree split. Talk about being happy as a pig in slop.



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Man that's one great looking build! 

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