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brisket chili?

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ok I smoked my first brisky this weekend, and I'm not sure I'll ever do it again. It wasn't bad, but not nearly as good as pork!!


I took some artistic liberties with the point.  I threw it back on the smoker for another 8 hours yesterday to make something like burnt ends. I did not cut the point in to small chunks rather I cut it in half added more season and called it good.


I put them in the fridge for the night wondering what to do with this extra smoked mix of fat and meat.  Then I thought ... Chili!!! hey its still cold here might as well cook something warm.  So I pulled the meat and seperated out the fat from it and put it in my chili pan. I added a few chunks of fat and bark to give it some zing.


Right now it is on the stove with nothing other than water and chili powder added, going to let it cook out some of the fat then skim it before adding the rest of the goodies.


Stay tuned as I progress thru this experiment!

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Brisket is great in chili.

I had the same experience as you with brisket and used it in chili.

Beef Brisket Chili




This is a decent throw together chili if your stuck. I did not post an actual recipe for this because this is something to get creative with on your own.





KEEP us posted, I would like to see how good it comes out being made from scratch.


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Sorry to hear your brisket was less than expected. I am just the opposite of you. I would take a good brisket over PP anytime. Interested to see how the chili turns out.

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so far so good, its pretty simple and should be done before long. I'll make sure to throw in some qview when I get it plated.


SmokinAl I'm not sure it was "less" than I expected. It made a darn fine meal lastnight with my homemade sauces and a nice side of pasta salad. But after eating it I was longing for pork LOL

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I am with Al. I prefer brisket over pork any day. I make the Chili Verde with brisket.

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ok dinner is served! served on rice with a chunk of cornbread.  The chili is semi burnt ends as described earlier some onion garlic diced tomatoes, mexican style hot tomatoe sauce, chili powder and black beans.  Thats pretty much it! and it was really really good!!




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Looking REAL good my friend!

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It looks excellent, nice job plating it up.

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Al I had to do something to make up for using a cell phone camera LOL!  The whole time I was making it, it smelled like crock pot bbq roast..ick  I thought no way will this ever taste good. But in the end it came out good and spicy. It still had a smidgeon of that bbq roast but not hint of its flavor at all.


This could very well be enough reason to smoke a brisket again!

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Looks good! I wish I had a plate.

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Your brisket chili looks great..............

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Looking good!



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Looks great!

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it was sooooo simple..after you got past all the smokin and seperatin the fat from the meat that is. honest, the ingredients list I listed above is it. nothing real special.


looks like chili's whats for dinner tonight!


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Looking good - sorry your brisket was not to your liking

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Looks really good. Be right over. LOLicon14.gif


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Shouldn't have read this post on an empty stomach...that Chili looks awesome.

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Looks Good Lugnutz...

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