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Mac and Cheese...

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Since I am new here, someone else may have already done this.  Sorry I dont have a picture of the final product but it was pretty good!


Took Macaroni and cooked it almost done and rinsed and let cool.  I had already smoked some medium cheddar, mozzrella, provalone and gouda cheese.  I made the standard milk/flour rue and melted the cheese.  Then mixed mac and cheese in fire proof glass dish.  Normally when I smoke I cook some burgers and dogs after I am done with the rest of the meat so I bring the heat up. SO... I placed my dish near the fire and let it bake with the burgers and brats and used a little extra smoke while cooking the burgers and brats.  The finished product on the Mac and Cheese had a nice golden light brown crust and was hot and smokey all the way through.


Hickory and some old apple wood were the source of the smoke.


It was too dark to get an adequate pic on my phone and we ate it all outside....

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Sounds like you had some great grub. Nice jobicon14.gif

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Looks like you need to upgrade to a new phone................your dish sounds delicious. I love mac and cheese........... Who doesnt

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Lots have been done here, I would like to see mac n cheese trucks instead of ice cream trucks. drool.gif

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Sounds real good, but you know what they say here!



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