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First MES40 Cook

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Made Jeff Phillps Bacon Wrapped Chichen breasts. Used recipe just as written but  my wife is a fuss on bacon and it must be crisply so I finihed it under the broiler. Did come chicken cheese Sausage from Sams on the Char Broil Red and they got a little away from me but were OK. Potato skins too. MES worked like a charm. Everyone very impressed with the chicken but  I can thank the MES and the recipe for that.






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IMG_20110327_191227.jpgForgot to add the photo!


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Looks Great... Keep Up The Good Work...

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Excellent job! Everything is better wrapped in bacon!

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I was having so much fun with the new MES 40 the sausages on the grill got away from me...Just a LOT overdone. I eat the mistakes.

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Great looking Q you have there bet it was tasty. Nice jobicon14.gif

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