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after seeing the Ribs 3 ways post I had to try it just to test out different rubs. The one on the left is a garlic and herb rub, middle one is byron's butt rub and the right side is a chinese bbq.


Mixed up some beans with ham and sausage and also had some beet rib tips. I pealed the skirt meat out of the ribs before rubbing and put them on for grazers and they dissapeared as soon as I set the plate on the bar.


Will load finished pics when it is done.


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Ribs 3 ways, Yum Yum Yum. Good looking ribs. Now I'm getting hungry. You know they are good when they disappear as soon as you set them down.

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Looking Good, Which ones were best?

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Yes Sir, Those are some good looking ribs!

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It was really a toss up but I think the guests liked the one with Byron's Butt rub the best. I liked all 3. I was so ready to try them once they were off the pit I forgot to take finished pictures of them.

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Nice looking bones you have there bet they were tasty. Nice jobicon14.gif

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