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1st Try at Canadian Bacon

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Went to Smart and Final to buy some pork tender loin and come home with about 8 good sizes pork sirloins . Put them up in High Mountain Buckboard cure.

Let it sit for 10 days then did a water bath and fry test. Little pieces of heaven.

Took one and let it sit two days in maple syrup.

On Saturday I took and loaded the Big Chief hoping that if i did a long smoke i could get the temp on  the meat where i needed it.




Well after almost 8 hours the temps would not get above 120, with  good smoke and outside texture I decided to pull and put in the oven at 220 deg. After about 45 minutes the meat was at 155 degs. Took it out and could not wait. Sliced it up and it was unbelievable. Had Canadian Bacon and eggs for breakfast.


CB 32611.JPG

CB Sliced 32611.JPG+

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Looks good dude, great job on the CB. Makes a decent meal whatever the time of day.

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That's a nice batch of good looking CB you got there, FW!


Thanks for the views,


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If that Canadian Bacon tastes half as good as it looks hit one out of the park there..2thumbs.gif

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Thanks for all the kind words. I love it when things work out. I will post up later my attempt at home made hotdogs, I can honeslty say my first True fail when it comes to cookign smoking in a long time . I am still trying to get up the courage to actually write about it.   











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CB looks really good! Congrats.

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Great looking CB you got there...

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That looks fantastic!!!  canada-flag-68.gif

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After viewing your Smoke, I could go with a BLT right now.....thumb1.gif

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That looks awesome.  Great job.  I'd say you have plenty of smoke on it and probably didn't hurt it at all by finishing in the oven. 


I'll take a plate with that 2 eggs over easy and a couple pieces of whole wheat toast.   Looks-Great.gif

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