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Back when I was butchering, we had that question alot. Folks coming to us from meat-markets that gassed or deyed their meats, and being blown away when their well-done steak wasn't pink, like their bargain-basement meats.

"I cooked my New York steak for an hour (sacrelige), and it turned out so grey, but I had a ribeye from a meat truck three weeks ago that was pink after an hour's time. What do you guys do to your steaks?" 

After a while, we'd catch these folks a mile off. I'd advise: "this is a great steak, a little salt and pepper, keep it rare or medium-rare, and it'll do you fine"

The crazies would say: "What about well-done?"

Me: "Barbeque Sauce is on aisle nine."


Seriously, if you have a finnicky eater, just down their meat in q-sauce, and they will never know.


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Someone on here said a while back when explaining to someone about the pink smoke ring. " How the hell did I get the inside done & leave the outside raw". I love that quote.


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The responses to this thread cracked me up.


Should this be a WIKI for how to get a woman to eat smoked foods?



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heyyyyy... some of us like it pink, smoky and our steaks and rib roasts practically still moo-ing!beercheer.gif and we drink a lot of beer, too!   Cheers, guys - you all can come cook for me anytime!

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My wife actually told me once that she can't look at me when I eat a steak because I like to eat them rare. I am not going to eat them any other way so she will just have to look elsewhere while I enjoy every juicy delicious bite.

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