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First smoke in 2 MONTHS!!! YAY!!!

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I'll put this in chicken since that will be the actual dinner for tonight, but there are a couple of stow-aways in it as well biggrin.gif.


Well finaly after about 2 months of being in and out of the hospital I finally get to fire up my WSM. The folks are coming over for dinner and also invited a neighbor who was kind enough to help out when I was laid up in the hospital. The menu is smoked Sweet Jerked Chicken, Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans, a mixed sausage medly.... and a couple of corned beef getting turned into pastrami for lunch meats.


Chicken rub was a base of brown sugar and about half a bottle of Jerk rub:



Layered the rub and chicken into a big 3 gallon ziploc (love these bags!)



Here is one of the pastrami's getting a little rub love as well. They got a LOT of fresh cracked black pepper, old bay seasoning, and the little packets of spices that come with them as a rub.



So after those all spent a night in the fridge getting happy it was time to make smoke. Fired up the WSM and had a mix of hickory and mesquite for my flavor woods. First in was the chicken - one family pack of thighs, the other of leg quarters.



Top rack got the pastrami, a pan of beans, and a pan of sausage...... mmmmmmmmm!





Ah.... a sight I sorely missed over the last two months - a FULL WSM chugging along at a steady 250° just doing it's thing with no input from me. Brings a tear to my eye icon_cry.gif (or maybe that was the face full of smoke that did that). You can see my temporary stand in thermometer from Lowes after I busted my original one *sigh*



More to come later.... hope to be eating around 7:00 tonight! Will get some pictures poste after dinner.


OK.... well with pulling stuff of and talking to guests I forgot to get the obligatory plated shot, but here is the stuff that didn't quiet get polished off by the herd: few chick thighs, some of the beans, and a few lonly sausage. Neighbors brought over a nice big garden salad for our healthy item.






Here is a peek at one of the pastrami, I too them to 205° then pulled them to rest and cool a bit on the counter, and then tossed them into the fridge overnight, I will slice them in the morning. It smelled awesome!



That's all for now! Full, happy tummy, time for a nap! biggrin.gif

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Everything is looking great ...can't wait for the money shots icon14.gif Glad to see your back at the smoker and hope your doing better!!!

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Hope you have a good recovery and a good meal .I know how you feel on needing help on thing you took for granted .I had to adjust to what i think i can do, to what i can acutaly do .Two back surgerys and ongoing spinal injections for nerve damage.Had to eat some crow ,but it taste better when smoked.


Ps .it's ok this sausage.gifsausage can dance better than me now, because i can make him taste awsome.

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It all looks great you have not lost your touch.....I wish you the best !!!!

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Looks like some great looking Q you have there.. bet it was tasty nice jobicon14.gif

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Nice looking grub......Looks-Great.gif

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Now, that's more like it.  Just do us and yourself a favor and not rush your recovery.  Winter is done and you've got some smoking to do.

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Johnny, Looks like your feeling better.thumb1.gif Q's lookin good too!!!

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Looking great Johnny - welcome back my brother

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Man, 2 months without smokin' something!!

Looks like you haven't lost your touch  2thumbs.gif

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Udated with a few more pics!

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Johnny it all looks great, your back in time for "Ultimate" smoking weather.

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Johnny, Thats some good lookin grub there. Good to see you and your WSM are back together. Sometimes the best therapy is to get to do something you enjoy. Make the heart and mind happy and the body will follow. Good luck on a speedy recovery.

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Welcome back Johnny. Looks like you & your WSM haven't missed a beat. Glad your with us again brother!

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Hey Johnny!


Looking Good My Friend!!!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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  Looking delicious!!



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That looks great!

Glad to see your time away from the hobby hasn't damaged your skills!

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Looks great Johnny. Glad to have you back my friend. bravo.png

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Man that looked good.. going to have to take a early lunch break now!

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I'm really glad to see that your up and about. Now you food looks awesome as usual so enjoy the food and your company and let there be many many more.

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