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Hello Smokers


We all use spices on everything. If you are buying them at a supermarket you are spending Way too much. I came across a web site a few years ago that is awesome. I thought I would pass it on to you!


I suggest the 1 pound bottles The smaller quantities come in bags. If you have bottles to transfer into no problem  Otherwise the bags are a pain in the butt.


Spices I recommend


Granulated smoked garlic ( excellent flavor ) Trust me on this

Citrus cajun  Lemon.lime and spice  Excellent on poultry and fish

Cayenne Pepper   3 heat levels

Chipoilte   Excellent smoky flavor

Zap    Combination of basil,oregano,parsly, and other green herbs  Excellent in sauce

Peppercorns  They have them all


You will be amazed at this site


Check it out


BigfishTanger  <*(((><{

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Cool site thanks for the link icon14.gif

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Thank you for the link...I've been looking all over for anise seed to make Bears unstuffed pepperoni sticks..hope they have it.

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you can also check out They have all kinds of spices. And they definatly have anise. Thats where I've been getting it, and the prices are quite good.

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Thanks for the info.

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butcher Packer carries a good variety of spices also at good prices.

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I order through Penzeys.

Last time I needed fennel the acme wanted $6.00 for one of those wee biity spice jars...the short one.

got near 16 times that much through Penzeys.


Fennel Whole 1 lb. bag $6.70

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