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Happy Birthday Pops6927!!!!!

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Happy birthday to my lifelong friend!!

Seems like just yesterday we were sneaking smokes in the attic.

Now we are 60.... sheesh...



     Have a great day!!!





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Happy Birthday Pops hope your having a great one BD.gif

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th_blowing-out-candles-emoticon.gif  HAPPY BIRTHDAY   POP'S

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Happy Birth day Pops BD.gif

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY POP`s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  thumb1.gif    Cake.gif        cheers.gif    I will help you celebrate if you don't mind?

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Happy Birthday Pops. Congrats on the 60. I cant remember that far back LOL  

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Happy birthday, young'un!BD.gif

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BD.gif Pops.... I hope you have had a great day.

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2thumbs.gif  Happy B-Day Pops

have a good  one and remember to;

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Happy Birthday Pops. 


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Happy Birthday Pops..., and many, many more,


Thanks for helping us newbies.



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Enjoy your day Pops!  You've earned it! Thanks for all you do!



Happy  60th Birthday!



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happy birthday pops. Thanks for all the help you have given us here at SMF. You surley are appreciated.



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Happy 60Th Birthday Pops! What is it they used to say?  Your not getting older your getting better!  I have picked up a lot of useful information from your post over the last couple of years and have found some of your perks and practices to be invaluable to the new or older smoker.  So I know this may be a day late, but when you get to 60 I heard that you get two days to celebrate, do you know if there is any truth to that? Happy Birthday POPS, we all love you!



Your SMF Friend!

Barry  biggrin.gif                                                                                                           BD.gif

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Happy Birthday Pop's

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OMG!  Thank you Craig and y'all so much!  Another year gone by and another year to celebrate with family and friends!  My wife and sons are taking me out to the world famous Hoffbrau's Steak House for dinner; definitely a treat for sure!  http://hoffbrausteaks.com/  ... Shiner Bock Beer Mushrooms, Brau Chips, Hickory Smoked Steaks, real horesradish on the side... a feast to behold! 

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Happy Birthday Pops, sounds like a great evening planned. Here's wishing you many more to come!!

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-$1  (That's me, a day late and a dollar short!) Happy Birthday, Pops!

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Many Smokey returns of the Day!


Take care, have fun, and do good!





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