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Sorry the pics are not the best i was having camera issues.




Fuel-      Kingsford blue bag couldn't get my hands on any good lump..


Smoke- Hickory


Rub-      Old Bay mixed with granulated Brow sugar.


Meat-     Chuckie.


Smoker. WSM


Cook time. Around 9 hours with rest time.



Coming out of the freezer to thaw out.




Thawed out and ready for some rub




rubbed up and getting ready to wrap.




all wrapped up and in the cooler for the night.




Out of the cooler and letting it come up to room  temp  as i get the smoker going..





Getting the smoker ready to roll.





And this is were my camera issues started. All the shots i took of  the smoke for some reason didn't copy to my SD card..



I did have a shot of the end results just not  a good pic..








Thanks for looking..

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Looks good tyo! Is that still snow on the ground?

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Looking good!!

Ever thought about making your owm charcoal??

It seems fairly easy and you get great deals on wood. 


 Al...yup that's snow.. It's way upstate NY..


  "Hey where you live?"  "Uppa US!!"



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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Looks good tyo! Is that still snow on the ground?

Yup still snow but the end of winter is just about here.. Can't wait for green grass

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