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Trying Some Different Venison Sausages

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Well a buddy of mine gave me some venison and told me do with it as I wish. So I wish for some different sausages or maybe some different tasting sausages. So I made some Bratwurst, breakfast, and summer sausages out of the venison and then I'm trying some Salami out of some wild pig and then some bacon to see what happens. So here's the sausages.


This should be a fine start to a day of stuffing.


Yes A Stuffing we will go.Now those little patties are my tasting morsels


Now tomorrow we will be smoking some sausages.

Thanks for looking


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Wow Mark, you've been a busy boy! All of the sausages sound real good. Looking forward to the smoke.

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Looks-Great.gif   Looking forward to the final views from your smoke. 

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Looking DEEEELICIOUS!!!!!!



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And to have a buddy that donates venison......PRICELESS

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Looks awesome Mark bravo.png

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