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ribs baby back

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hed some cousins from ohio come in town for spring break

so had to get some baby backs and smoke em to show them what smoking is all about


3-18 002.jpg


after a couple hours in the smoker


3-18 003.jpg





after a little cattlemans gold



3-18 004.jpg



look at hat nice pullback   we did not need a knife to eat hese



3-18 006.jpg



now that is a good looking rib!!!!!!




3-18 007.jpg


none are left

thanks for looking



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nice job on those ribs. When i looked at your second plate pic i was wondering what was that grass?

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Them Bones look real good.. Nice job


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Wow a place in Miami to stay for spring break AND you cook for them too?!


Good job outta you!


I think we may be related.  hint hint

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Nice job Rick, I guess the family will be talking about cousin Rick's ribs for a while!

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Great looking ribs!!


Looks like liriope to me boykjo.



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good job

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hey boykjo    those are ferns

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Great job Rick - Those are some mighty fine looking ribs

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