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Deboned and Stuffed Chicken.

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Here's a post from a friend that shows how to debone a chicken and how to make a duxelle stuffing. I thought some of you might enjoy it and some of Phil's other blogs.

My duxelle was with mushrooms, onion, spinach, garlic, smoked pork loin on one side and some spiced capocollo on the other. Mine doesn't seem to be as reduced as Phil's, but for a first time it was pretty tasty.  After some researching I found that a duxelle is taken down to a paste consistency.

The next time it will be smoked!

De-boned chicken stuffed and ready for the oven;




and a quick sliced view.



Thanks for checkin my chicken

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Looks good, yard bird yet another way
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Dan, Morning. That looks like really good. Excellent job!

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lookin good dan!

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Whoa Dan that's is awesome!

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Looking good there Dan!

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Dan, now that's some fine looking bird you have there. I can't wait to try one of those things.

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