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Smoked Cheese/Meat Tray

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My daughter is having a party tonight and asked me to make a cheese/meat tray.....Sure


Smoked provalone with Head Country rub on it. Two the cheeses (provalone and monster) were cold smoked in Nov with apple, The swiss (middle of tray) was smoked with hickory.






Garlic/black pepper SS




Ring Bologna







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nice looking tray....looks like a party hit to me....lucky girl

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Only 2 kinds of sausage? Don't you usually stock about 10. LOL. Looks great. You're a good dad.

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Lucky girl to have such a talented father.....
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Great looking tray. Are you taking orders?

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Looks Great...



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I asked her if she wanted one for cheese and one for meat, she said naaaaa.



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Excellent Nepas. I think you should be in the catering business. I wish I lived near you, so I could drop in from time to time. For a beer & a little sample of today's special!

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I'd ask where this party was and rush over there but it's pointless....there can't be any leftovers.  You can't buy a party platter like that folks!

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drool.gif       NICE TRAY

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Now that tray is the banquet of my eyes. Thanks for sharing the pics. It's all good my friend.

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