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Pork Roast smoke

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Well I got 3 more days off till I go back to work so here's another smoke to help kill my day off.  2.6lb Pork Roast I used EVOO and Bad Byrons Butt rub.  I'm going to try and keep it around 225 to help keep it moist. 

I'm also doing a mini batch of Dutches beans and I topped it off with left over smoked eye round roast I leave the meat on top for the first 1-1.5 hours to pick up more smoke. 

She's smoking a lot in the beginning today..








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Looking good. Nice job icon14.gif

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It's looking good so far there.

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Yep, it looks good, so far!

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looks the neighbors are looking around for the source of that heavenly smell.....let the good smoke roll

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I'm not sure if I want to pull it at 155 or 158/160??  Decisions..  It was a lean cut so I'm thinking 155 wrap in foil for 40 min..


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That is one tasty looking piece of pork

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Pulled at 157 and wrapped in foil and a towel, resting in cold oven till 5pm.. Popped the cap on a ice cold Bud Light Golden Wheat and waiting patiently and watching the pup run in the yard.

70 degrees out, hold cow it's nice..   yahoo.gif

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Beans are done and came out real good.. I did add the pineapple (none in house)and it did make a difference in the taste.. The wife picked up on that real fast..



Pork was real good, moist and had nice taste, there is a little smoke ring.  I only used wood for about 2.5-3 hours..

Bad Byrons has a little bite... I need to make a batch of Jeff's rub, have not used that in a while and I miss it.


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The pork looks nice & juicy, perfect plate with the beans as a side.

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